A catalyst to build on

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Scotland has ignited a flame.

Despite the fact that all national newspapers except one supported the pro-union campaign, the grass-roots and social media nature of the independence campaign allowed its case to flourish and transcended party politics to become a project that has been dubbed ‘imagining a new way to build a country’.

It was Scotland’s Adam Smith who said that no society can flourish and be happy if too many of its people do not benefit from its wealth.

We must now build on the referendum momentum throughout the British Isles.

Authority to make decisions needs to be devolved to the most appropriate levels across the board.

As well as devolving more powers to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the Council of the Isles needs to be given more teeth to build environmental, technical and social infrastructures.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, whose office has become a shadow, needs to become a catalyst for numerous networks who seek to build God’s kingdom across these lands.

Individuals can take decisions that improve their homes and neighbourhoods.

Ray Simpson,


Holy Island