Wooler Parish Council round-up

After the success of the last Party in the Park event, which marked the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it has been decided to invite partners from the wider community for a repeat of the event.

Councillors decided that it would be worthwhile hosting another such event. This conclusion was reached after a discussion of the finances behind the event.

It was found that after the initial expenditure for ‘mugs and crowns and things celebrating the jubilee’ and once the organisers had claimed back their VAT, the Party in the Park had actually managed to turn a profit of £500.

It was agreed that a sub-committee be set up to look into organising the event.

CounAlfreda Hindmarsh stressed that there was a need for other organisations to be invited into the planning of this year’s event. Any organisations interested in helping organise Party in the Park 2014 are asked to get in touch with Wooler Parish Council.

• Reporting to the council on the north area committee meeting at Ancroft, Coun Hindmarsh said funding would continue for Wooler’s toiilets, as they are deemed ‘strategic’. It was also heard that the county council had put a date of 2015/16 on filling the large pothole outside Glendale Surgery.

• Representatives of the Tweed Forum will attend the April meeting. The Forum is investigating the state of the River Till, in particular the bank where cattle have trodden it away, but also looking at issues that might affect local residents, such as flooding and pollution.

• With the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War months away, a Wooler man is looking to tell the tales of the villagers who gave their lives. Richard Waters aims to write a book with each page devoted to a single name carved on Wooler’s five war memorials. Anyone with a story is urged to get in touch.

• The proposed development which will see housing built on the Martins has seen its design drastically changed. Only nine houses are now going to be built, as opposed to the 22 originally planned. It is believed that the cost of moving the football club from the site forced the decision.