‘We will not let disease win’

A cure for cancer – that is mum Sarah Louise Nicholson’s wish for 2014.

And she insists that while the disease has a hold over the family, they will not let it win.

“Cancer causes so much suffering,” said Sarah.

“I hope that this is the year that there is a breakthrough for a cure for the disease.”

News that Brandon’s tumour had not increased in size came as a welcome boost before Christmas and comes at a time when he is experiencing more normality in his life.

Sarah said: “We did celebrate after the scan.

“Obviously we could have done with the tumour being smaller but our main concern was that it hadn’t grown.

“But my little lad is living a more normal life.

“He is able to attend school more often and for more hours, he has more energy and can do more activities.

“It was nice to see him tucking into another Christmas dinner and be able to eat it properly.

“He had his first sleep over recently which was very special.

“I am watching him do things over the years that he has never been able to do and I am so grateful for that.

“We have named our home the House of Hope.

“Cancer will have a hold over us but we will never let it win.

“Brandon is The Champ and champs don’t lose.”