‘We need to do something’

Cars on Wagonway Road in Alnwick.
Cars on Wagonway Road in Alnwick.
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Calls have been made for better crossing and parking provisions on an Alnwick road after a pensioner was knocked down.

At the beginning of the month, a 78-year-old woman was hit by a car as she crossed the road outside the Co-op, on Victoria Crescent.

She was taken to hospital because of injuries that she sustained in the accident and is said to be making a slow and steady recovery.

It is believed that it was caused because of the number of vehicles parked outside the store, which obscured her view as she tried to cross.

Now Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle is to look into doing something to alleviate problems on the road as it becomes a busier route out of town.

He said: “It is a continuing problem along this road as traffic levels are increasing. And I think things will only get worse when the new high school gets built at Greensfield.

“It has got to be part of the traffic management plan. In my opinion yellow lines are not the answer as they would need the support of residents.

“If more than a third of residents object we would not be able to go ahead with them and I don’t think they would be agreeable. Personally I am of the view that a pedestrian crossing close to the Co-op would be the answer.

“But it is a tricky situation. The priority problem area is outside the Co-op. That is open until 11pm at night now and people also stop off for the cash machine that is there.

“I hope the lady in question is doing okay, but it could easily have had a worse outcome.

“I will be asking the highways team to look into it and ask for a site visit to be taken to ascertain what we can do about it.”

There is also a bus stop outside the Co-op which causes further problems.

Coun Castle has contacted the highways department and a site visit is being arranged for next month.

The county council is waiting for information from a transport assessment about the new school development before options can be drawn up for a traffic management plan along the routes.