WATCH: Video shows drivers ploughing through the sea to cross Holy Island causeway

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Aerial footage has captured the moment that two drivers ploughed through the sea to cross Holy Island causeway, with much of the road already under water.

The video, taken by Gary Redfern and posted online, shows the vehicles crossing the stretch one hour after the safe crossing time.

One of the vehicles crossing the causeway.

One of the vehicles crossing the causeway.

Both vehicles make it to the other side, but the footage has appalled Holy Island Coastguard Rescue Team.

Ryan Douglas, Holy Island station officer, said: “This did shock us — there has been so much safety advice put out over the last few years and yet people still do this.

“This was an extremely dangerous thing to do. It’s not like the water comes out of nowhere and the consequences can be quite serious.

“We urge members of the public not to drive on coastal causeways when the tide is coming in.”

...followed by another.

...followed by another.

The drivers’ actions prompted a string of critical comments on the Holy Island Coastguard Rescue Team’s Facebook page.

People are regularly rescued from the causeway after being cut off by the tide, despite tide times and warning signs clearly posted on both the mainland and island.