Warning after dog attack

Molly after the incident
Molly after the incident

A holidaymaker has issued a warning after her dog was attacked during a walk along the beach on the north Northumberland coast.

Jayne Robson, from Suffolk, came to her ‘beloved Northumberland’ with her husband and dogs at the end of last month.

Feeling a bit better and enjoying the last day of her holiday

Feeling a bit better and enjoying the last day of her holiday

The couple are former county residents and considering moving back to the area.

Following a seven-hour car journey, the pair decided to take their pet pooches for a walk on the beach at Bamburgh on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Jayne said: “All of a sudden, a dog belted up the beach and attacked one of my dogs for absolutely no reason. Unprovoked attack is an understatement.

“The owners clearly knew what their dog was capable of as they were screaming at it while it was in flight.

“My husband eventually managed to pull it off our dog, who was screaming and had lost control of her bowels in terror.

“The owner would not give his name and address to us.”

The attack on Molly really put a dampener on the rest of the Robsons’ holiday.

“Our dog was not bleeding by some miracle at this point, but as she started to move, the puncture wounds opened and we could see how nasty her injuries were,” said Jayne.

“We had two trips to the vet and a week of bathing her poison-filled back. Not the holiday any of us deserved or hoped for.

“This couple’s attitude to letting this dog loose and the damage it did is beyond belief.

“You can imagine how serious this could have been with a child and I want people to be aware.”

Following the attack, the Robsons were so concerned about Molly that they didn’t call the police, thinking it was pointless without the other owners’ details anyway.

However, Jayne said: “Friends and family haven’t stopped telling me I should have reported this and now I think they are right.

“I have been left with a very nervous dog with loads of horrid scar tissue.”