VET’S DIARY: Floor-collapse horse Lisa making good progress

People will often ask ‘How is that case that I read about?’ So, we thought it would be good to fill you in on a case that was featured in the Gazette earlier this year, writes Kate Smith.

Lisa is the horse that our veterinary team treated in June following an accident where the floor collapsed in the trailer in which she was travelling.

Lisa’s hind leg went through the floor and was dragged on the road surface causing a wound that went into her fetlock joint.

This is a very serious condition in the horse and Lisa was taken straight to surgery at the Fairmoor clinic so the joint could be lavaged (flushed) and the wound debrided (removing damaged tissue).

Once we had eliminated the joint infection the next stage was getting the wound to heal which was very tricky given the location of the injury.

Every time Lisa moved her leg it caused movement of the wound which delayed healing.

To counter this, Lisa underwent a second general anaesthetic to allow a limb cast to be placed on her lower leg, immobilising it and encouraging healing.

Healing in the lower limb of the horse is a slow process and she required a lot of careful nursing and TLC at home.

So here we are five months down the line.

On a wet November morning, I went out to re-examine Lisa.

Her wound has fully healed, just leaving a small scar the size of a ten pence that has no hair.

Both myself and her owner were delighted that Lisa trotted up sound and is now ready to start some ridden work.

Time will tell whether her injured leg will stand up to returning to full work.

Following on from Lisa’s injury we ran a trailer safety clinic along with PeterThompson from Thomas Sherriff of Alnwick at the Fairmoor clinic in Morpeth. We love a happy ending!

Please make sure that you have your trailer floor checked regularly by a professional.