UPDATE: Apology after A1 roadworks ‘chaos’

The slip road onto the A1 southbound at Alnwick is closed.
The slip road onto the A1 southbound at Alnwick is closed.

The Highways Agency has apologised after motorists in north Northumberland reported chaos this morning with three junctions onto the A1 closed.

The junctions at the south of Alnwick, Shilbottle and Hampeth are all closed to traffic trying to access the A1, but one of the main gripes was the lack of signage.

A Highways Agency spokeswoman said: “The Highways Agency and its contractor A-one+ apologise for any inconvenience caused to local motorists in the Alnwick area this morning. The roadworks are to allow sections of resurfacing to take place along the southbound A1 between Alnwick South Interchange and West Cawledge Park, and are due to be completed this weekend.

“A contraflow traffic management system was installed on the A1 south of Alnwick last night which led to local motorists in the Alnwick and Shilbottle area experiencing difficulties this morning.

“Following feedback, we have made a detailed review of the traffic management and as a result additional signing is being installed to ensure motorists are given clearer directions for their journey through these roadworks from today.”

Earlier today, an eyewitness said: “Police are stopping people at Shilbottle and the Hampeth junction is closed as well. It’s absolute chaos. The roadworks signs aren’t great. People are piling doen to Hampeth and it’s shut there too.

“The Guyzance junction is an accident waiting to happen with driver stupidity – it’s crazy.”

Another motorist added: “What a palaver getting to work today. The slip road (in Alnwick) was blocked off onto the A1, no signs, no warning.

“Even a police car had to turn around, then to make matters worse, they had the entries blocked at Shilbottle and Hampeth – everyone had to turn around each time to end up going to Guyzance to get on the A1.”