Time discs and other final plans for free parking

Greenwell Lane car park in Alnwick.
Greenwell Lane car park in Alnwick.

Final preparations for the introduction of free parking in Alnwick are taking place ahead of charges being dropped from April 1.

Following the offer from Northumberland County Council’s new administration after the elections in May last year, Alnwick Town Council opted to have a free, but time-limited, parking regime.

So while no charges will be levied in the town from the start of next month, time limits in short-stay car parks and on-street spaces will still apply.

For this purpose, motorists must use a time disc and, as reported in the Gazette last week, a number of events are taking place in the Market Place to distribute the discs, which will also be available from county-council buildings and local businesses.

The county council is in the process of changing the town’s traffic regulation orders and a consultation on the proposed introduction of Disc Zone Parking as a requirement of the proceedures closes next Friday.

According to the county council, from Tuesday, April 1, the pay and display ticket machines in Alnwick will be switched off, bagged and signed.

Signage in the short-stay car parks will state that time limits remain in place and that disc parking is being introduced and that motorists need to obtain a parking disc (full information will be provided on the signs).

In the interim prior to the new parking order coming into force on Monday, June 2, civil enforcement officers (CEOs) will monitor short-stay areas and any vehicle found to be overstaying the maximum stay will be issued with a penalty-charge notice.

Throughout this period up until June 2, the CEOs will also advise motorists of the need to display a parking disc and will also distribute them to motorists at every opportunity.

The permanent signage in the car parks will be in place for the new traffic regulation order coming into force at the start of June and the ticket machines will be removed over a period of time.

It is hoped that the new parking regime in the Market Place, which will see marked bays and delivery areas, will be implemented at the same time.

Discs will be distributed in the Market Place on Saturday, March 29, Friday, April 4, and Thursday, April 10.