Till and Glendale Rotary Club

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BUSY MEETING: Thanks to the brisk chairmanship of president Tracey Young, members of Till & Glendale Rotary Club were able to deal effectively with a full agenda at their last business meeting.

Items discussed included a report from Rotarian Eric Vickers on progress with the construction of a wishing well at Riverside Leisure Park in Wooler; the building of it is due to be completed by Easter.

Further plans for working with other clubs in the district were considered; last year the club was invited to help Alnwick Rotary Club with their pre-Christmas bag packing at Sainsbury’s Alnwick.

As we are still a small club, this was an effective way for us to raise money for charity and local good causes as well as building relations with members of another club.

It is being recognised that the traditional way of running a Rotary club does not always ‘fit’ with modern life, so clubs are being encouraged to look at innovative and flexible ways of achieving the aims of raising money for others and building good relations in one’s district in a way that suits the club members.

Till & Glendale Rotary Club is doing this in a way that gets business done with plenty of humour to lighten the mood.

To find out more, contact the secretary Maggie Harker on 01289 388490, or Helen Henderson at the Fenton Centre where the club usually meets on helen@fentoncentre.com