Till and Glendale Rotary Club

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A HOWICK YEAR: Having had a busy meeting the previous week planning for the year ahead, the members and guests of the Rotary Club of Till & Glendale were treated to a talk on Howick Through the Year with photographs by Richard Poyer.

Richard works as one of 30 garden volunteers.

He gave a brief history of the house and gardens and the Grey family. The Hall was gutted by fire in 1926 and Lord and Lady Howick now reside in the West Wing.

The work at the gardens includes collecting plants and seeds from all over the world with details of the locations carefully recorded.

Their arboretum was officially opened in 2006 and includes an Algerian Oak given by Prince Albert when Queen Victoria visited the area in 1850.

The arboretum together with the bog garden and Long Walk make Howick an enticing place to visit.