Thrunton fire waste must be removed, says MP

A fire at the Swarland Brick Works at Thrunton.

A fire at the Swarland Brick Works at Thrunton.

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MP Sir Alan Beith has met senior officials to discuss tackling the fire and issues around the permitting, monitoring and enforcement of conditions for the operation of a carpet waste recycling business at Thrunton.

Sir Alan spoke to the Environment Agency, Northumberland County Council, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service and Public Health England yesterday, with regards to the blaze which started in September.

The Liberal Democrat MP said: “Residents have had to put up with this problem for far too long.

“Although the Environment Agency is now taking enforcement action against the site operator the time has come for the waste to be removed and for the agencies working on this issue to then seek recovery of the costs involved.

“Local residents continue to be affected by smoke and the ongoing risk to the water supply.

“Thanks to the significant and sustained efforts of the landowner, Chris Blythe, the vast majority of the burning carpet waste which was stored in the open has been extinguished, although a large amount of waste stored in a building is expected to remain on fire for some time.

“However the waste material which is out in the open must be removed from the site as there is still a risk of contamination of the water supply if we get heavy rain soaking through the waste and running off into watercourses or soaking away into the ground underneath.”

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