Thropton WI, March meeting

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BASKET DISPLAY: Thropton WI’s speaker began by saying we had a fantastic display of baskets.

She was introduced as Charlotte Boxall, who is part of the Hepple basketry group.

Willow is being grown and cut to use in classes and interest is spreading.

Charlotte used all of the baskets brought in to show the different styles and uses, also the different materials used, including grass, reed, willow, cane, even paper and palm leaves.

Stories of where they came from and how old were interesting too. We also learned something of the preparation needed, such as boiling willow to take off bark, or cold water steeping to get different colours. Knowledge of coppicing is needed.

People all through history have made and used baskets.

The meeting on April 6, is on the microwave at 7pm, by Elen Roberts, from the Centre for Life.