Thropton WI, February meeting

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Thropton WI had a good turnout of members to our speaker Louise Lewis, the nutty knicker lady, as she calls herself.

She brought along a good display of underwear and nightwear from her shop Silk and Sand in Alnwick. The name means silk for the bedroom and swimwear for the sand.

Louise has trained to fit bras for comfort and good posture and will advise on correct size and style. She told us some of the many types of bra, some specialised for horse-riding or sport, also padded, wired, strapless, after surgery, front fastening, etc.

We also saw selections of knickers, tops and nightwear and heard how husbands find the shop useful for gifts and good advice.

As Louise told us, a good-fitting bra will change your life, and she is ready to help find one. She was thanked and all looked at everything presented.

On March 6 we have Northumberland Touring Theatre with Gill Hambleton.