‘These people are scum’ claims burglary victim

Michael McNamara and his home at Wooden Gate.
Michael McNamara and his home at Wooden Gate.
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A 73-year-old -man has put up a £1,000 cash reward after thieves ransacked his house and stole numerous items, including bottles of alcohol he was planning to give to elderly people.

Michael McNamara has branded those responsible as low-life cowardly scum bags and admits he feels so sickened by the incident he wants to move out of the property.

His home near Lesbury was targeted last month while he was out and the culprits swiped a haul of goodies, including a 42-inch television and jewellery.

Mr McNamara couldn’t believe his eyes when he returned to find his French doors smashed and property turned upside down.

He is determined to find out who is behind the theft and is offering the four-figure reward in a desperate bid to bring the burglars to justice.

“I got the shock of my life – they trashed the place,” he said.

“They went right through the house and glass from the French doors was all over the shop.

“I am putting up a cash reward of £1,000 for information which leads to a conviction.”

Mr McNamara is particularly upset about the alcohol which was stolen, as it had been earmarked for elderly people.

He said: “They took about 20 bottles of spirits, including whisky and brandy, which I was planning to give to nearby old people’s homes.

“They took cash, gold, the television I had bought off Mark Taylor from Amble and other items which I have had for years.

“They took so much that it will take some time to see what is missing.”

Sickened Mr McNamara feels violated by the crime.

“I am going to sell the place now,” he admits.

“I don’t want to sleep here or be here any more. They were in my bedroom and even in my grandson’s room and stole some of his cars.”

Mr McNamara said a local farmer had seen somebody walking on his lawn on the day of the incident and was told his dogs were going potty.

He added that there might be some CCTV footage from British Rail which could help the investigation, as his property is near the East Coast mainline.

Contact Mr McNamara on 07894453211.