The strain of modern life affects you and your dog

Dr Isla Fishburn and Gillian Rayne with Poppy.
Dr Isla Fishburn and Gillian Rayne with Poppy.

A stress specialist and a dog expert have teamed up for a north Northumberland workshop that could improve the wellbeing of you and your pet.

Dr Isla Fishburn, of Kachina Kanine Communication, and Gillian Rayne, of No2Stress, are holding an event together for the first time next month with the aim of both reducing people’s stress and helping them to consider how it may affect their dog.

Gillian said: “The aim is to educate people so they can recognise and understand what stress is. We live in a society where there’s so much pressure on us.

“If you walk in the door and you’re more tired than usual and you speak more harshly, then the dog will pick up on that.

“Pets can’t speak to us, but they are very susceptible to our emotions, especially dogs.”

The technique Gillian will be using during the workshop is the Bach flower remedy, which is said to help people deal more constructively with negative behaviour patterns. Gillian explained that it is safe and simple and can work for animals.

Dr Fishburn, meanwhile, combines holism and biology to teach people about how their dog’s innate character and its environment shape its world and its limitations, expectations and needs.

The event takes place in Acklington Village Hall, on Sunday, April 13, from 10am to 4pm, and costs £50. To book a place, visit