The cold snap takes its toll

From jackknifed lorries to vehicles leaving the road – drivers found the going tough earlier this week as they battled icy conditions.

Driving proved particularly challenging on Tuesday morning and police received reports of a spate of accidents throughout north Northumberland, starting in the early hours.

Incidents included a minor four-vehicle collision at around 8am on the northbound carriageway of the A1.

A female driver suffered minor injuries after her car left the road at Togston. At 8.50am, there was a one-vehicle crash in Longhoughton.

There was a report of a vehicle hitting a wall in Canongate, in Alnwick, while three vehicles collided in the town’s Windsor Gardens.

A police spokesman said: “Reports started coming in on Tuesday, from around 2.45am.

“The roads were icy and there were reports of vehicles sliding around and coming off the roads. After about 9am, the reports started to decrease.”

On Tuesday, Coun Gordon Castle wrote on Facebook that Northumberland County Council’s precautionary gritting commenced at 4.30am and finished at 8.30am on ‘all routes on the published plan’.

He said further gritting commenced on all routes at 4pm.

Coun Castle added that the A1 is the responsibility of the Highways Agency.