‘Thank you for the support’

Amina Uddin at Barresdale Triple Diner in Alnwick.
Amina Uddin at Barresdale Triple Diner in Alnwick.

An Alnwick mother has thanked the community for its support following shock claims that her family was

living a racism nightmare.

Last week, we reported that Amina Uddin feared for her loved ones’ safety amid claims that they have been the subject of racially-motivated abuse.

She said that her young children have had to endure a barrage of insults over their ethnicity and her nephew had recently been assaulted in the town.

But on Tuesday, she rang the Gazette to express her gratitude at the amazing show of support the family has received in the wake of our front-page story.

“It has just been enormous and I really appreciate it,” she said.

“People have been coming up to me and hugging me and saying that what has been happening is not on.

“The churches in Alnwick have got together and gave me a bunch of flowers.

“The majority of people have been supportive and it means a lot and has made me feel appreciated.”

Amina, who last week said that it was only a small minority of people who were making life hell for the family, added that the police and fire service have been supportive.

This includes an increase of police patrols around the family’s home, above the Barresdale Triple Diner. The shop was vandalised earlier this year.

However, there have been some counter-arguments against Amina’s claims.

Among the messages of support from readers on our Facebook page, some people have suggested that Amina is playing the racism card and is rude to members of the public, especially if they are hanging around the diner. In response, Amina, said: “People will have their different opinions, I understand that. But I am not playing the racism card. It was getting to a point where it really was unbearable.”

She added that people are only asked to leave the vicinity of the shop if they are ‘seriously messing around’.

○ Inquiries into the alleged assault of her nephew are ongoing. Anyone with details should call police on 101