Store wants to offer more

A COMMUNITY evening has been hosted by an Alnwick supermarket.

School representatives, charity organisers and the Mayor of Alnwick discussed how the Sainsbury’s store can make a positive difference in the area.

Michael Pearson, the store’s PR ambassador, said: “This year, we really want to become part of the community so we’re placing ourselves right into key events happening, like the Festival of Alnwick and the various others.

“The community evening has given us a great chance to sit down and put these ideas down on paper – we don’t just want to be the place that sits on Willowburn Avenue on the outskirts of town.”

Manager Christine Jeffery added: “This has given us a great opportunity to voice all the different ways we can help the community. We extend our welcome to any charities or local community organisations in the town.”

The evening also showcased the most recent recipients of the Sainsbury’s Community Grant scheme, the Duchess’s Community High School’s Choir.