Speeders set to be targeted with flashing signs

Flashing speed signs look set to be installed in Wooler.
Flashing speed signs look set to be installed in Wooler.

Two flashing speed signs are set to be installed on the entrances to Wooler to try to tackle speeding on the A697 through the village.

The locations of the two signs, which flash the speed of a vehicle as it passes, have yet to be confirmed while the possibility of 30mph markings on the road surface on South Road is investigated.

Some members of Wooler Parish Council felt that it was appropriate that the signs were at the start of the village; by the Riverside Caravan Park to the south and opposite 23 Cottage Road to the north.

But others thought that there were bends and other road features that would slow traffic in these areas and the signs would be better used on the straighter section of South Road through the village itself.

Discussions are ongoing regarding painting speed markings on South Road, so Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh suggested waiting to hear about this before making a decision on the location of the new signs.

The signs will cost £3,246 including VAT – which the parish council can claim back – and delivery and will be installed by the county council.

County councillor Anthony Murray is to use £2,000 from his small schemes’ allowance, as he also contributed to buying flashing speed signs in Milfield.