Skipper thanks locals for helping to save his vessel

Raymond Hindes at Amble Harbour'Picture Jane Coltman
Raymond Hindes at Amble Harbour'Picture Jane Coltman

The skipper of a yacht which ran aground in Amble’s fishing dock has expressed his deepest thanks to locals who rushed to his assistance.

Raymond Hindes has said the aid he received last Thursday morning saved the possible loss of his recreational vessel, Astra.

The Hurley 27 grounded at the entrance to the coble dock and started tilting to one side.

Raymond, who has more than 50 years of sea experience, shouted for assistance and local fishermen and staff came to the rescue, helping to prop up the mast and lending crucial equipment.

Newcastle-based Raymond says their actions stopped his vessel, which is berthed at Amble Marina, from being a complete write-off.

“I am very grateful to the people that helped,” he said.

“I think they realised how important it was. The main thing they did was to sure up the mast, which was very important. If the mast had gone through the deck and the boat had gone right the way over, it would have been flooded for a start, and it would not have been worth trying to repair. Thanks to their help, the boat came away without damage.”

Raymond said that those who helped included local fishermen, harbour master Simon Baxter and staff from the Marina.

He added: “We thought we had plenty of depth, but it got more shallow and we grounded and went over very quickly.”