Sightseeing boat runs aground

LIFEBOATS from Amble were scrambled to rescue a sight-seeing vessel after it ran aground on rocks at Coquet Island.

Nine passengers, including children, as well as the skipper, were on board the pleasure craft Shokwave when it became stranded on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1.

It was two years to the day that a similar incident took place with the vessel in the same location.

Both the all-weather lifeboat The Four Boys and the inshore lifeboat Mildred Holcroft were launched to go to the aid of the stricken boat, which ran aground during a regular seabird and marine life tour.

Mildred Holcroft was first on the scene and after ensuring that no-one was injured, a crewman went on board to rig a towline. Checks were also made to make sure the vessel wasn’t taking in water.

Shokwave was then pulled clear of the area and towed out to deeper water where the tow was then transferred across to The Four Boys.

From there, she was towed home into the service berth at Amble boatyard where the passengers disembarked and she could be lifted out for a hull inspection for any damage caused by the grounding.

RNLI coxswain, David Bell, said: “Obviously with passengers and in particular, children on board, it was important that this rescue was carried out swiftly and efficiently without causing any further alarm to those concerned.

“I’m happy to say that thanks to our volunteer crew training that is funded by the generosity of the public, this was accomplished successfully.”