Share your memories of Barresdale

A scene from the project's launch evening in the summer.
A scene from the project's launch evening in the summer.
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Residents are being invited to attend a special session to share their memories of an Alnwick estate, to help with a local history project.

The Bailiffgate Museum is currently running the Barresdale: In Living Memory initiative to bring the history of this particular area of town to life.

A DVD containing old and new photographs and audio interviews with residents as a way of providing a history of the area is set to be produced.

As part of this, current and past residents of Barresdale are being urged to go along to Alnwick Community Centre, on Howling Lane, tomorrow between 6pm and 7.30pm, to share their memories, photos and stories.

Those behind the scheme would like to know what it was like to move into the new houses, what games children played on the street, what activities took place at the community centre, who decorated the floats and dressed up for the carnival and any other stories and memories of the people and events in the area.

Tomorrow’s session follows a successful launch evening in the summer. A number of photos have been handed in and project organisers need help identifying some of the people in them.