Settling the independence debate with a genteel game

The Glendale Agricultural Society side in 2013.

The Glendale Agricultural Society side in 2013.

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With the Scottish referendum looming and contest rather than unity staring the country in the face, the two nations are about to square up against each other – in a friendly game of cricket.

The two teams are from the Glendale Agricultural and Border Union societies and the 20-over match will take place at 6pm tomorrow in Wooler. Last year’s match was the first contest and the Scottish side won by a single run.

Andrew Reed, the Glendale captain and a leading player for Tillside, said: “We will be up against the Scots and the weather on the day, but we expect the match will be light-hearted fun on the whole.

“Our team has been specially chosen from Society members and is a real cross-section of cricketing experience. Everyone gets an over and a chance to shine.”

The tradition of an annual match was established years ago, but was allowed to lapse and Andrew believes it’s good to see it revived, even if the Scots might still have the edge.

Simon Hogg, the Border Union skipper, said: “The first game was a real nail-biter and went down to the last ball.

“This year it’ll be tough for us having to play across the Border, but we are recruiting hard and looking for anyone who can throw the ball and produce a bit of spin.”

Both skippers are hoping that their supporters will be there in force to cheer on the team they’ll be voting for!