Seahouses Probus Club

The chairman of Seahouses Probus Club opened the meeting by confirming the details of the visit to Nissan and reminding us of the details of the annual lunch.

He also told us about the Probus quiz which will be taking place in Duns Masonic Hall on October 8.

He then called for reports from the secretary and the treasurer, both of whom reported that things were in good order.

Tony Willis was then called forward to give us a talk, no introduction being deemed necessary as he is one of our members.

His talk was entitled South Africa – A Political History. Tony had spent 35 years living in South Africa prior to his move to Beadnell and so is very well equipped to deal with this subject.

He commenced with Australopithecus, one of our almost human ancestors, and then told us of the San People, the first people to live in the area from about 1,700 years ago. They were the first hunter gatherers and present long before the arrival of the Europeans. They are still there though their hunting grounds are much reduced.

We were then treated to a facinating tour through the country’s more recent history, recounting the arrival of the Black Tribes of Africa, previously known as the Bantu, until the word became tarnished as being derogatory and was replaced by Black.

Then came the Dutch, followed by the English, followed by two Boer Wars between the English and the Dutch and various wars between the English and the Zulus.

The Union of South Africa was formed in 1909 and it was an Apartheid State from 1948 to 1994. After the end of Apartheid the African National Congress was voted into power and Nelson Mandela became President.

There was much more in this fascinating, instructive and entertaining lecture and Brian Brand gave an enthusiastic vote of thanks.