Roving Rev on pilgrimage to Holy Island

A roving Rev from the south of England should be arriving at Holy Island in a months’ time as he walks from his hometown to Northumberland to raise funds for his church.

Bruce Nicole, from Camberley in Surrey, has set out on a 390-mile journey as part of a bid to raise £2.6million to modernise St Michael’s church.

Rev Nicole set off on his country-long trek on Sunday and plans to complete the walk in 30 days, walking between five and 19 miles each day.

He expects to reach Northumberland on day 26, arriving in Morpeth before heading to Felton the following day.

He then travels north to South Charlton before making his way up to Berwick, then finally to Holy Island on the last day.

A blog of his progress can be found at or follow @StMikesOpen4All on Twitter.