Rothbury Parish Council

Council anger at audit report

Anger has erupted within the parish council about an audit report.

Coun Reynalds said he was ‘absolutely surprised’ at the document which stated that certain elements hadn’t been completed which had.

He said: “I really don’t think they have looked at it properly.”

A letter is to be sent.


The council has voted against giving support to an anti-windfarm campaign.

A letter was received from Fight the Follions Wind Turbine campaign, asking the parish council to object to an appeal against a planning application for a windmill on a farm near Thropton.

But councillors, while giving mixed opinions on wind energy, decided not to give their backing in any way as the application is not in the area.

Chairman Coun Alan Fendley said: “It is a difficult one but I don’t feel it is entirely appropriate for the parish council to say whether it likes wind turbines or not.

“It isn’t in our parish and I don’t think we are capable of commenting, as a parish, without compromising any individual comments we wish to make.”

Coun Brian Hesler added: “I have got concerns that they are asking the parish council to have a view on something that isn’t in our parish area. If it was, I would have a view.”


A member of the public has raised concerns with Coun Jeff Reynalds about a crash barrier on the Thropton road where the landslip was repaired.

He said: “They thought it wasn’t very safe to have a wooden crash barrier with a 30-foot drop.”

The complaint is to be passed to county councillor Steven Bridgett.


Coun Fendley raised concerns about traffic turning left onto the bridge from the cemetery.

He said: “It throws you straight into the path of traffic coming off the bridge. It’s dangerous.”

Coun Helen Walklett added: “Trying to turn right to go up Garleigh Road is difficult now too.” But she praised the new footpath.


The parish council has given a donation of £150 towards Rothbury’s Christmas lights switch-on events.

Coun Helen Walklett said the lights will be turned on on Sunday, November 24, and it is hoped that there will be a lantern parade with schoolchildren. Fund-raising for the events is taking place.