Rothbury indecent assault trial: Day two, afternoon

Joseph Kinnear
Joseph Kinnear

A woman has told a court how her teacher took her along farm tracks and abused her.

Joseph Kinnear, 59, of East Newtown Cottages, Rothbury is standing trial at Newcastle Crown Court after pleading not guilty to 14 counts of indecent assault dating back to between 1975 and 1982, while he was a teacher at Beaumont Middle School in Hexham and Dr Thomlinson’s Middle School in Rothbury.

This afternoon the court heard from one of the alleged victim who gave evidence from behind a screen.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave evidence in a previous trial in 2006 which saw Kinnear convicted of serious sexual assaults on young girls.

She said: “In the last trial I said her had taken me to a cottage that he was going to rent or buy and that he kissed me.

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell everything. I was so frightened that my parents would be disappointed in me and possibly feel like they had let me down. But they haven’t there is nothing they could have done.

“I couldn’t cope with the anguish of it. I didn’t want anybody to know what had happened to me.”

But she went on to say that there had been numerous other incidences of abuse.

The court heard that aged 11 and 12 Kinnear kissed her in his car and sexually touched her during school hours.

She added that Kinnear would drive her home from after-school clubs, along with other girls, and drop her off last.

The jury was told that Kinnear would then drive to secluded areas along farm tracks, where his car could not be seen, kiss her, touch her in private parts under her clothes and make her do the same to him.

And at one point he took her to a cottage, took of the clothes on her bottom half and his trousers, and laid on top of her.

“He said we better stop before we do something we regret,” she said.

She added: “Whenever there was an opportunity to get me by myself he would kiss me.

“He told me he loved me and that he was going to marry me when I was old enough.”

The court was also told that Kinnear made girls in his PE class lie down as he rolled over them.

“He used to come in to the girls showers and shout for us to hurry up,” she said.

“It was a communal shower at the time and we were all at different stages of undress and we would all try to cover ourselves up.”

But after around six months of seduction she said Kinnear stopped talking to her, was unpleasant and ignored her.

The trial continues.