Roofers to the rescue

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HELP is at hand for a 104-year-old woman who has been embroiled in an asbestos saga.

Great grandmother of five, Connie Mossman, has faced an uphill battle to knock down the shed in the back garden of her Amble home because the structure has an asbestos roof and she has struggled to find anyone who will remove it.

But after we revealed her ordeal last week – which included Northumberland County Council initially saying it could not help her, before agreeing to send someone round to give her advice, following pressure from the Gazette – a company in Killingworth has vowed to help.

Richard Aldred, director of Forward Industrial Roof Repairs North East Ltd, contacted us, as well as Amble town councillor Ian Hinson – who took up Connie’s fight – to say he would be more than happy to fix the problem for her – for free.

Richard said: “It is an asbestos roof which is what we deal with all the time. The headline (in the Gazette) was quite a grabber as it mentioned asbestos and after reading the story I saw that she had been pushed from pillar to post. I wanted to help her, especially a lady of her age, who is a pillar of the community.”

He said that he plans to go round to Connie’s Bisley Road home next week to have a look at the situation and then hopes to carry out the job in the week commencing Monday, May 23.

The county council said that small quantities of carefully-bagged asbestos can be collected by its waste service and disposed of free of charge.

Richard said that his idea is to remove the asbestos from the roof and put it into bags and then stack them up for the authority to collect.

But he said that if the county council refuse to do this, he will also remove the bags for her.

A delighted Connie, who also has three grandchildren, said: “That is good. I am really pleased.”