Roddam WI, February meeting

NAIROBI SLUMS: Roddam WI held their monthly meeting in the Cheviot Centre, Wooler when the president Mrs J Laycock welcomed members.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

A large quantity of old Christmas cards had been taken to Rothbury for the Woodland Trust and had been gratefully received.

County Day is to be held in Wooler at the end of October, the Spring Council Meeting will be held in Hexham on March 10, and an invitation had been received from Brizlee WI.

The speaker for the evening was Sue Burston who showed slides of a visit she made to the slums of Nairobi with Christian Aid.

These showed the horrific way in which very proud and dignified families had to live. This was, however, changing with the help of Christian Aid.

In a slum called Matapeni, clean water and some sanitation had been provided which much improved the lives of nearly 400 families.

This was a very moving account of a desperate situation.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs A Hume, a tombola and supper brought the evening to a close.