‘Roads must be completed as per permission’

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North Sunderland Parish Council has ‘no interest’ in allowing developers to postpone completion of roads by new houses at Thorburn’s Yard.

The developers say that a condition in the existing planning permission - that no homes are occupied until the roads are completed - is preventing the construction of the second phase of the build, which they intend to finance through the sale of the first.

They have applied to vary a condition of the original permission, which states that a Tarmac road would be completed before any homes were occupied. But the developer now wants to allow buyers to move in while the temporary road surface of loose chippings laid on East South Street remains.

Coun David Donaldson said: “We are not interested in relaxing any of it - putting proper roads in was part of the planning consent and they need to get it done.”

Roads at Quarryfields and Kings Field have previously been left incomplete by different companies. “We need to highlight how many times this has happened in this village,” Coun Donaldson said.

Coun Malcolm Cresswell added: “There are two parts to this, one – we don’t want any relaxation of conditions, and two, if any of the houses are occupied then they are in contravention of the planning.”