REFERENDUM FALLOUT: View from the North East’s top business lobby

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North East Chamber of Commerce chief executive, James Ramsbotham, said: “The North East is uniquely exposed to the changes set to occur in Scotland.

“We recognise that the referendum is the start, rather than the end, of a process of change.

“Businesses expect Westminster and Holyrood to reach a devolution settlement that is clear, fair to both sides, and swiftly executed.

“It must not, however, impact disproportionately on the North East and risk undermining our economic recovery and growth, which has been hard won and must not be jeopardised in any political negotiations.

“Scottish devolution should trigger a new debate on local autonomy in North East England, where policies are tailored to meet the needs of our region and not those of London and more influences over how their taxes are spent.

“Our businesses deserve a say in how a new, less centralised UK is governed in future.”