REFERENDUM FALLOUT: ‘Extra government is not the answer’

NHS supplement' Anne-Marie Trevelyan.
NHS supplement' Anne-Marie Trevelyan.
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A would-be Tory MP has said that extra layers of government are not the answer, as the issue of fairer powers for England is discussed.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick, said: “I have always been of the view that the West Lothian question needs resolving, but the only way to do that is to make sure that Scottish MPs don’t vote on English laws.”

Rejecting the idea of devolving more power, she said: “I’m not a fan of extra layers of government, I think we should have less.

“It’s perfectly simple for Scottish MPs to only vote on issues which are national issues. It’s not technically difficult, it’s simply a matter of will.

“More power to me sounds like more politicians and more money for politicians.”

Anne-Marie said she wants to see money devolved to existing authorities with politicians who know their areas and are answerable to local people, which she says is in line with the spirit of the Localism Act.

She concedes that this aspect may took longer to resolve, but added: “I hope we will be in a very strong place looking forward in six months or a year’s time.”