Rallying for charity funds

James Air and right, Andy Smith
James Air and right, Andy Smith

Amble rally driver Andy Smith and co-driver James Air completed a charity rally earlier this month to raise funds for Cancer Research.

The pair set off from Ashington on an 800-mile round trip to Wick, in northern Scotland.

The car, sponsored by Trident Soccer, was one of only six teams to reach the rendezvous camp at Wick.

Andy said: “The weather north of the Forth Bridge was stormy with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Some of the cars broke down and several of the CB radios stopped working and cars got lost en route.

“It was a tiring trip but very worthwhile. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored the team.”

The pair aim to raise more than £500 for charity. To donate, visit The Masons Arms, in Amble, or call 01665 712106.