Precinct traders urged to take stand over mess

Rubbish outside of HFC Pizzas at Hadston Precinct.
Rubbish outside of HFC Pizzas at Hadston Precinct.
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Businesses at Hadston Precinct should refuse to pay their rent until action is taken by the site owner to tidy up the area, a parish council chairman has said.

And one frustrated fast-food tenant, who recently took over at HFC Pizzas on the village’s main shopping area, has admitted that the problems are causing concern and anger.

The tatty appearance of the Precinct, including the lack of grass cutting and bin emptying, has come under fire from residents and councillors over the last few months who claim that Thrower Stone is neglecting its duties as owner.

And at the Monday, September 1, meeting of East Chevington Parish Council, chairman Penelope Fidkin said that drastic measures should be taken to try to force progress.

“All the businesses should all get together and refuse to pay anything. Thrower Stone will soon do something about it,” she told members.

Coun Fred Thurgood added: “The bins are full to overflowing and the grass is covered in rubbish. Something has to be done. This issue comes up regularly.”

He also raised concerns about the grass not being cut.

Coun Scott Dickinson, who is ward member for Druridge Bay, said: “The county council did cut the grass once to encourage Thrower Stone to do it after that.

“The company did a street wash recently and I hoped we were making progress.

“Thrower Stone was going to produce a schedule of works which set out when the bins would be emptied and when the grass would be cut, but none of that has been presented. The county council will continue to pursue them.”

Afterwards, the Gazette spoke to Mani Singh, of HFC Pizzas. The bin outside the shop was overflowing at the time. He said: “Look at the rubbish outside. It is a state and it’s having an effect. Everybody complains about the mess at the Precinct. They are fed up.”

Thrower Stone will be asked to attend a parish council meeting.