Plinthers have their say

THE one-off Alnwick Plinth which occupied the Market Place on May Day has been hailed as a great success.

The Plinth, organised by Alnwick Markets and sponsored by the Northumberland Gazette, was in use from 10.30am to 2pm, during which time people could express their talents and voice their views on the issues which mattered to them.

Around a dozen individuals signed up for to 10 minute slots in advance through forms printed in the Gazette, and open mic sessions were held once an hour for those who wanted to join in on the day.

The content varied from Jack Paperman reciting extracts from Coleridge and singing sea shanties, to a talk from Transition Alnwick on the importance of local food.

Mandy Fletcher spoke about the power of failure, while Andrew Duff read a series of Celtic prayers and handed out written blessings to the crowd.

The Plinth has been widely praised.

Richard Starks, of Alnwick, said: "It's an excellent way to have people put their ideas across to the public, giving people the chance to get involved and interested in local life."