Plans in pipeline for shop

Swarland Sports Club
Swarland Sports Club

Villagers left without a shop when their store closed can now buy supplies locally again.

In August, Brian Sanderson decided to close Swarland’s shop and Post Office.

It meant that residents in the village were left without anywhere to buy newspapers and supplies without travelling.

But now people can get supplies from a new location.

The village’s working men’s club has taken over the sale of newspapers, bread milk and other groceries every morning.

And further plans may be in the pipeline.

At last month’s Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council meeting, Coun David Francis said that the club had moved quickly to take over the contract from WHSmith, which supplies magazines and newspapers, so that villagers would not miss out.

He told members that a working group had been set up which is looking at the possibly of creating a new shop, with a Post Office and more.

He said: “We have started to look at the possiblity of using part of the sports club as a potential venue.

“We have been looking at potential costings for creating a space and a ballpark figure is £13,000, which we thought was remarkably cheap.”

A site visit was carried out to look at the sports club and see what the possibilities might be with a report going back to the next working group meeting in mid-November.

A questionnaire has also been sent out in the Column, the village’s newsletter, which asks people to fill in information about what they would like to see in the village and any help they are willing to give.

The results will also be available at the next working group meeting. Coun Francis added: “It will be possible, if there is sufficient demand and it looks like people will back it , to take it to the next stage and develop a project proposal.”

Parish chairman, Coun Suzanne Stanley, said: “It all sounds like really positive news and a good idea.”

But if there is no demand for the service, there is scope to continue the current service at the working men’s club for the foreseeable future.