Parking problems lead to fatality fears

Fears have been raised over ‘indiscriminate parking’ in a seaside town, with one critic claiming it will lead to somebody being killed.

Concerns were voiced about drivers who park their vehicles on dropped kerbs and footpaths along Acklington Road in Amble, close to the Welfare and James Calvert Spence College.

A resident, who did not want to be named, told Amble Town Council on Thursday that the situation was a road-safety risk, branding it ‘an accident waiting to happen’, and called for action to be taken.

“I am very concerned. It is a nightmare,” the resident said.

“The major problem is the parking of vehicles indiscriminately.

“They are parking on the dropped kerbs and on the footpath and it impedes the passage of prams, pushchairs and mobile scooters who have to go out onto the road.”

The resident added that there was no barrier at the Welfare to slow down children and, because of the parking problem, drivers may be blinded to youngsters who run out into the road.

“The Welfare is more developed now too, so it is a constant problem.

“I think there should be some sort of road markings or signage on the dropped kerbs.

“When I was in Alnmouth, there was a sign saying if you park on the footpath, you will be fined,” the resident said.

Councillors agreed that there is a problem.

Coun Leslie Bilboe feared someone will be ‘killed’ while Coun Ian Hinson said ‘residents there have been concerned about this for years’.

Coun Sam Palin said it was a policing issue.

“There is no reason why people should park there. The police should be enforcing this,” he said.

Coun Craig Weir agreed that the police should be made aware that ‘there is still a problem’ and also said the matter should be discussed with county council highways.

Coun Jane Dargue suggested pursuing the possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing along Acklington Road to ‘make things safer for the children’.

The town council has written to the county council, voicing the concerns, asking how feasible it would be to have a pedestrian crossing in the area and if any enforcement can be issued for dropped kerbs. The police will also be contacted.

Other suggestions included raising the issue in the town council’s newsletter.