Offenders clean up for Olympic Torch Relay

Offenders cleaning the streets outside Alnwick Castle.
Offenders cleaning the streets outside Alnwick Castle.

Offenders sentenced to Community Payback have given a helping hand to improve areas ready for the Olympic Torch arriving in Northumberland.

Northumbria Probation Trust, which supervises the Community Payback scheme, has teamed up with Northumberland County Council to ensure that the torchbearer route through Alnwick and Ashington is clean and tidy. Offenders have provided support by clearing litter, street cleaning and generally improving the area for the arrival of the Olympic torch.

Community Payback ensures offenders supervised by Northumbria Probation Trust carry out between 40 and 300 hours of unpaid work as part of their sentence for the crimes they have committed. Community Payback punishes offenders by depriving them of their free time and reduces reoffending by teaching them new skills and supporting their rehabilitation.

Community Payback enables work to be completed for the benefit of local communities which might otherwise not be possible. Northumberland County Council works with Northumbria Probation Trust to identify projects of work which will be of the greatest benefit to our communities.

Mark Archer, Community Payback coordinator for Northumberland said: “The Community Payback scheme ensures that offenders make meaningful reparation to their local community for the offences they have committed. However, it also provides them with real skills and experience which can help with their rehabilitation and improve their chances of finding long term employment.

“The offenders have worked hard to make the improvements for the Olympic torch relay through Alnwick and Ashington and are extremely proud to have been involved with this piece of work.”