Statue of Cilla Black unveiled in Liverpool

A bronze statue of Cilla Black has been unveiled in her home city of Liverpool.
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Britain's oldest Olympian celebrates his 100th birthday

A whisky every evening is the key to a long life, according to Britain's oldest living Olympian who is celebrating his 100th birthday.


13 ways to stay lucky on Friday 13th

Today is Friday 13th, known as one of the unluckiest days of the year.
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Skywalker gibbon

New gibbon species named after Star Wars' Luke Skywalker

A new species of gibbon identified in remote forests in China has been named after Star Wars character Luke Skywalker.

Rescue dog adoption film goes viral

A mini-film promoting rescue dog adoption has taken the internet by storm.
Where do you buy your Christmas dinner ingredients from?

Revealed: Which supermarket is best value for your Christmas dinner?

While many like to moan that the cost of Christmas seems to go up every year, the truth may be exactly the opposite.
Will you be trying to see the supermoon?

Another chance to see supermoon this week

Stargazers who missed November’s supermoon will be pleased (or frustrated) to hear that there’s another one due on Wednesday.

Where do you hide your Christmas presents?

Revealed - the top present hiding locations this Christmas

Linen cupboards, gym bags and even the neighbour’s house are some of the places that UK’s Christmas shoppers will hide presents in at attempt to avoid Christmas being spoiled by prying eyes.

Are you heading to your Christmas party this weekend?

Nine things NOT to do at your work Christmas party

If you're getting your gladrags on this weekend for the Christmas party, make sure you don't wake up filled with regret the following day.
Have you got one of the new fivers?

Your new fiver could be worth £50,000 - this is what you need to check them for

Brits are being urged to check their new fivers after engraved bank notes worth as much as £50,000 were circulated in a Willie Wonka-style 'Golden Ticket' giveaway.

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Peter Vaughan has died aged 93. Picture: Press Association.

Game of Thrones and Porridge star Peter Vaughan dies aged 93

Game Of Thrones actor Peter Vaughan has died at the age of 93, his agent said.
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Has your child's name made the list?

Revealed: The top 10 girls' and boys' baby names of 2016

The most popular names for your little bundles of joy have been announced for another year - but is your chosen name on the list?

Andy Murray is on the shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year. Picture: Press Association.

Who would you like to see win Sports Personality of the Year?

The shortlist for this year's Sports Personality of the Year has been announced - but who is your winner?

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Kerry Ann Hewitson (left) and Jack Sanderson in their nativity play. Picture: Tony Colling.

11 things you said about nativity play charges - and how many of you would pay!

'Tis the season for the school's nativity - and yesterday we asked you if you'd be willing to pay a ticket price to see your little one's moment on stage.
Would you pay to see your child's nativity play?

Vote: Would you pay to see your child's nativity play?

A primary school has defended charging parents to watch their children perform in the nativity play.

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Oh Margaret, youre such a Polecat and as for you Susan, you Ninnycock, Ill see you later. Picture: Shutterstock.

The best long-lost British swear words

A language historian has revealed the best long-lost swear words from Britain - including nippy, tarse and wittol.

Will you be buying a ticket?

Lotto jackpot rolls over to £10.4million after no-one scoops midweek draw

There will be an estimated £10.4 million jackpot in Saturday's National Lottery Draw as no-one scooped Wednesday's top prize.

At what age do you think youngsters should be told Father Christmas is not real?

Parents urged to stop pretending Father Christmas is real

Parents have been urged to stop pretending Father Christmas is real in case the "lie" damages relations with their children.
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Deli Ali

Ali Dia: how much do you know about the worst player in the history of the Premier League?

Ali Dia made his debut and played his last game for Southampton 20 years ago today.
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Womens brains are more geared towards multitasking

Why men can’t multitask

Women are better at multitasking because men have 'greedier brains' which take up more energy when juggling tasks, according to new research.
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