Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Coquetdale branch

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The Coquetdale branch of the Wildlife Trust was treated to a wonderful talk by John Almond on the islands around the coast of Britain.

We learnt that there are over 350 groups of islands, the majority of which are in Scotland.

We saw a huge selection of photographs showing different types of rock formations and rocks that you can find on islands for example we saw the Carsaig Arch on Mull which is very dramatic and then we looked at what the islands produce, for example on Isla they make whisky. On other islands there is marble to excavate whilst on Holy Island there is limestone.

We looked at the wildlife on islands and learnt that the white-tailed eagle was introduced to Scotland and on Bass rock there is a huge colony of gannets.

Another very exciting trip you can make by boat is to St Kilda which is seven hours from the mainland to see many types of birds.

Our next talk is on Monday, March 3, at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury, and is on hen harriers by Blanaid Denman.