North Sunderland Parish Council round-up

The roundabout in the centre of Seahouses.
The roundabout in the centre of Seahouses.

A point-blank refusal to take on war graves in Seahouses’ cemeteries without knowing the costs was wrong, according to one parish councillor.

Coun Malcolm Cresswell said he was disappointed that members had voted against taking on responsibility, following a request from the War Graves Commission.

There are six war graves in the closed cemetery and two in the new cemetery and other members pointed out that the closed cemetery was the responsibility of Northumberland County Council.

However, Coun Cresswell said he felt that the parish council shouldn’t refuse to take on the graves until it was clear how much it might cost.

Coun David Donaldson said that when spending public money from a limited precept, one needed to be cautious.

Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart explained that he had contacted the Commission for more information and was awaiting a response.

• Members of the public raised concerns about the way motorists were using the roundabout in the centre of the village. One woman reported drivers coming from Bamburgh ignoring the roundabout and cutting right, straight into the car park. “This summer, it’s been a nightmare,” she added.

• Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart and Coun Malcolm Cresswell had a meeting with a representative of Northumbrian Water regarding the smells emanating from the sewage treatment works. They told members that the meeting had gone well, but there are still concerns about the site reaching capacity.

• As part of the county council’s consultation on the Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, Coun David Donaldson queried a site at 39 Main Street, which was listed as a possible site for eight dwellings. Nobody was sure as to which site this referred and inquiries will be made.

• Coun Kelvin Rushworth mentioned the damaged wall at the junction of Harbour Hill and Crewe Street after a member of the public pointed out it could be a danger to children. The damage was caused by being hit by a car in July and the issue was raised at the last parish-council meeting, having been hit.