North Sunderland Parish Council round-up

John Holwell at Chathill Railway Station.
John Holwell at Chathill Railway Station.

Councillors in Seahouses agreed to back their neighbours from Beadnell in expressing an objection to controversial plans for a new home between the two villages.

A bid to replace the existing Link House, in the dunes to the right of the B1340, with a new, modern-style dwelling has been submitted to the council.

Chairman of Beadnell Parish Council, Geoff Martindale, addressed Monday’s meeting and highlighted the ‘significant increase in scale, mass and design’ of the proposed property, which would also be ‘constructed in materials which do not reflect the character of the area’.

As previously reported in the Gazette, the scheme had already attracted objections from residents and now both Beadnell and North Sunderland parish councils are against the scheme.

Coun Donaldson said: “I think it would be in our interests to oppose it as well. We are all interested in the same stretch of coastline. It doesn’t fit with the local vernacular.”

• Members agreed to support a petition, launched by John Holwell, to call for more train services to stop at Chathill Station. However, the discussion sparked a heated debate between Couns David Donaldson and Tom Orrin about Belford Station. It was agreed to ask about the progress of that scheme.

• Arriva responded to concerns raised by the parish council by saying that three unrelated mechanical problems had affected the X18 service recently. Coun Orrin said: “It seems to have considerably improved since that disastrous weekend. “Arriva did seem to have the record for breakdowns.”

• Residents of Chapel Row and Chapel Court said that they had major difficulties accessing their properties or getting blocked in due to cars belonging to non-residents parked in the way. It was explained that cars causing an obstruction are a police matter and cannot be dealt with by the council’s CEOs.

• Coun Woodman said that he was hopeful that the county council was to plant flowers in the beds in Seahouses soon, but pointed out that if people wanted floral displays, then it may be a case of the community and parish council having to do it themselves as in other places such as Alnwick, Berwick and Morpeth.