North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, February meeting

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BANDING TOGETHER: It was a cold, wild, blustery evening when 30 members and friends joined North Sunderland and Seahouses WI’s celebration of 87 years.

However, best of all and, most important, 16 children from Seahouses Middle School, aged between nine to 13, came along to give us a first rate performance of their steel drum band.

Headteacher Julia Harris introduced the children and music tutor Pat Adamson. Julia gave us a commentary and a little of the background. The school did qualify for the Specialist School Status but, in view of the cuts introduced recently, the grant could be lost.

At one time the instruments were hired but eventually there were sufficient funds to buy them.

The children are very gifted indeed. They gave us eight pieces of music in all, including Gui, solo guitarist, playing Stairway to Heaven.

The children had also played at the Craster Lifeboat Day last year and would welcome an opportunity to play at any function.

Pat Minto gave the vote of thanks to the children and the teachers, not forgetting the parents who were present and give continual support.

Julia Harris concluded by mentioning that adults could also go along to the school to learn to play an instrument.

The children then lined up for a well-deserved photo shoot before departing. Needless to say some of the ladies present did later have a ‘plink, plonk, plink’ and again we marvelled as to how well the children played.

We concluded the enjoyable evening with our usual business and reports.

Coming events include Federation coffee mornings on April 25 and July 1; Brunton Park, February 25; Newcastle’s Secret Places, April 7; centenary of International Women’s Day, March 8.

Our next pub lunch will be at the Craster Arms, Beadnell on Saturday, February 26.

The competition was won by Sandra McFarlane, Joan Foster and Peggy Wood.

We ended with our pooled supper and a delicious piece of birthday cake made by Nora Mileham.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 3, when Mrs Walton will give a talk Visit to Scotland. All invited.