New Japanese craze is a real smart move

Nigel Wood at Woody's with some of the phone pants.Ref: JCNG ipants 3
Nigel Wood at Woody's with some of the phone pants.Ref: JCNG ipants 3

After taking Japan by storm, mobile phone accessory Smart Pants is making its UK debut in Alnwick.

Manufactured by Bandai, the toy making and video game company, Smart Pants has been selling out across Japan since its release in March and there is an increasing demand for further production.

Designed to both protect the home button and add personality to smart phones, Smart Pants are small silicone covers that are available in seven different varieties, each type coming with its own pattern and theme.

Courtesy of RSF Wholesalers, Smart Pants are being sold in North East shops for the first time.

Wholesaler Richard Faulkner said: “Bandai have sold out everywhere in Japan so I’ve brought the product over here. As far as I know, nobody is currently selling them in the UK.”

One of the shops selling the product is Woody’s Video Shop on Narrowgate, Alnwick.

Nigel Woods, shop owner, said: “It’s just a daft bit of fun to go with your phone. Once promotion kicks in, I fully expect a good response and we’ll go from there. We’ll keep selling until we stop.”

Smart Pants are also available at Cafe Rio and Bedrock Communications, both in Alnwick.

Mr Faulkner believes there is a market to expand the product in more retailers across the North East.

He said: “Smart Pants are only selling in shops in Alnwick right now and the plan is to spread out to Morpeth, and then Newcastle.”