New bobby on the beat hears of bonfire fears

Seahouses beach.
Seahouses beach.

Seahouses has a new police officer on the beat and he has been alerted to vandalism in the toilets and bonfires on the beach.

At this month’s meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council, members met PC Alan Morton, the new neighbourhood beat manager for Seahouses, North Sunderland and Beadnell.

He has been working in the area for two years, but as the beat manager for Bowsden, Doddington and Lowick, and has served with Northumbria Police for 12 years, much of it in South Shields.

Councillors spoke to PC Morton about two main recent concerns in the village.

Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart mentioned bonfires on the beach, particularly in the area beneath the clifftop at the end of the caravan park by the sewage works, where one fire has already been spotted.

He explained that as well as the fires themselves, it often led to litter and broken glass being left on the beach and wood being taken from fences or building sites.

A member of the public added that some visitors had already complained about a fire and broken glass in that area.

The other issue was the toilet block – Coun Alan Trotter said that toilet paper had been strewn around again on Sunday night.

PC Morton provided an update on crimes since the February parish-council meeting, revealing that there had been two crimes.

The first was damage to the soap dispenser in the public toilets, which is still being investigated.

The second was the theft of a box of cider from the Co-op. A CCTV image of the youth involved has been circulated and he doesn’t appear to be local.

In terms of anti-social behaviour, seven youths were kicked out of the youth club and ‘got a bit rowdy’. PC Morton spoke to them and their parents.