Mum-of-four guilty of biting

Kelly Gair and son John with a photo of her late husband Alan.
Kelly Gair and son John with a photo of her late husband Alan.

A mum-of-four has been found guilty of biting a woman’s face during an assault.

Kelly Gair, 35, of Links Avenue, denied the charge which dated back to New Year’s Day.

But after a two-day trial at Mid and South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court, the case against her was proved.

The court heard that Sarah Douglas was left with a bloody face after an altercation with Gair at the Bede Street Club in Amble on January 1.

It also heard that Miss Douglas heard her friend, Sarah Barrass, having a ‘heated’ discussion with Gair over the sending of a Christmas card, as they were leaving the club at around 5.30pm.

She said that as she turned to leave, Gair grabbed her by the hair. She retaliated in the same way, but then saw Gair’s face come towards her and was left with a cut between her nose and lip.

But Gair, who runs the Naked Nun beauty salon, denied the bite, saying that Miss Douglas pulled her hair and she retaliated in self-defence.

Giving Evidence Mrs Barrass said Miss Douglas had tried to usher her out of the club.

She said she saw the women with their hands on each other’s hair and added: “I saw Sarah lock her arms and Kelly’s mouth opened on Sarah’s face.

“I was really shocked.

“There was blood all over Sarah’s face.”

Off-duty police officer Katrina Cassidy also took to the stand and confirmed what happened.

Prosecutor Jonathan Moore added that Gair went home after the attack and posted a status on Facebook saying ‘Sarah Douglas come fight me’ and ‘I’ll kill you both in seconds’ referring to Miss Douglas and Mrs Barrass.

Gair told the court that she was left with marks on her face and bruises on her thighs from the incident and was ‘fearful’.

Defending, Stephen Graham said the prosecution witnesses had been drunk.

He added: “These people clearly have a grudge against the defendant and have worked together to secure a conviction against her.”

Chairman of the bench, Evelyn Harrison, said: “After hearing all the evidence we believe that Kelly Gair did bite Sarah Douglas.”

The case was adjourned for reports and Gair will be sentenced on August 5.