Motorist in danger kerb call

Lorraine Ochocinski at the the garage near Cawledge  where her accident occured.
Lorraine Ochocinski at the the garage near Cawledge where her accident occured.

An injured motorist has called for ‘dangerous kerbs’ to be removed from filling stations across the country after

she hit a concrete barrier at Alnwick’s newest garage.

Lorraine Ochocinska, from the town, flipped her car on its side and sustained finger injuries in the collision with the structure last Thursday lunchtime.

The divide at the Cawledge garage, which is operated by Rontec, is sited on the forecourt and used to separate areas for cars and HGVs.

But Lorraine, 55, of St Michael’s Square, has criticised the barrier for being too low and too dangerous.

“I want them to be taken out of every garage in the country,” she said.

Describing the incident, she said: “I was going for petrol and there were cars in front of me, so I went to the end pump, but the kerb was so low I didn’t see it. It caught me totally unaware. I caught my wheel on it and it flipped me over.

“I suffered splits to my fingers and I was in surgery for an hour. I have got to go to the plastics unit at the RVI tomorrow for them to have a look and my car is probably a write-off.

“What if there had been children in the car, my grandson for example? It could have been one hell of a mess and it is keeping me up at night, thinking what could have happened.”

Alnwick county councillor Gordon Castle said that the matter has been referred to the public-protection department at Northumberland County Council, which will examine whether there are any public-safety issues with the kerb.

The Gazette contacted Rontec for a comment, but did not receive one by the time we went to press yesterday.

The garage opened its doors in February, having been closed for more than a year.