Mother has ‘lucky escape’

Lovaine Douglas with the television aerial outside her Dilston Terrace home.
Lovaine Douglas with the television aerial outside her Dilston Terrace home.

A mother claims she had a lucky escape after narrowly avoiding a large aerial which fell from a block of flats.

Lovaine Douglas believes she would have been killed if the object had hit her and was just a matter of steps away from where it landed.

The incident happened on the morning of Friday, March 22, near to the 51-year-old’s Amble home.

She said the aerial had been loose for about two months and she had been concerned about it falling off for a while.

Then, towards the end of last month, it finally did. And it could have had devastating consequences.

“It fell from about 25 to 30feet,” said mum-of-one Lovaine, who lives on Dilston Terrace.

“The aerial was above where my gas meter is. I went out to see how much was in the gas meter and as I walked away it came down. I was totally shocked.

“I was only about eight or nine steps away. It would probably have killed me if it had hit me. I had a lucky escape.”

Lovaine admits she is relieved the aerial is now down.

She said: “I have been worried about it for a while. It was hanging by a nail and screw and I was thinking that it was going to come down.

“I am pleased it is down now. I don’t have to worry about it now when I go out to the meter.”

The aerial was attached to a building near to Amble Drop-in Centre, which is home to Amble Youth Project.

Project manager Maureen Middlemiss said she had contacted landlord Isos Housing about six weeks ago about the issue, saying that the aerial was in danger of falling off, but said she was told by the social housing group that it was not its responsibility, but that of the tenant. Maureen said she also reported the issue to Northumberland County Council.

She said staff from the authority came out to have a look but nothing was done.

“It was dangerous and I wanted to find someone who would take responsibility. I thought the response from Isos was appalling,” she said.

The Gazette contacted the county council for a comment but the authority was unable to provide a response.