Loss of middle school would hit village hard

Protestors who want to save Seahouses Middle School
Protestors who want to save Seahouses Middle School
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The closure of Seahouses Middle School would have a detrimental knock-on effect on the community, according to parish councillors.

At Monday night’s meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council, members finalised their response to the current consultation on the possible reorganisation of schools in the Alnwick Partnership, which could see Seahouses Middle School closed.

Coun Sylvia Hillan ran through the key objections of the parish council to any change which would see the loss of the school.

“The education of the children is the key thing,” she said. “Improving the quality of teaching and the like is a better way of spending money than a change of system, which is working very well. There’s no evidence that the new system would be better.”

Issues that would affect the wider parish included job losses – which are full-time and not seasonal like many others in the village – and the potential impact on the number of young families in the village.

“The school is a community school and there’s a lot of community involvement,” added Coun Hillan. “The village would lose out.”

There were also concerns about pupils travelling down to Alnwick at a younger age to a secondary school.